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About the Book

Being marooned on the roof provided me with the opportunity to reflect on how I deal with situations. I have a natural affinity for the Stoics whom I regarded as being fatalists, ascetic and passive people who put up and shut up when difficult life situations arise. But living stoically has nothing to do with being egotistical, self-sufficient and unfeeling. This book will explore how Stoicism in action is a well-rounded philosophy that can fit into one’s back-pack. It is more than just a survival kit but is very much a philosophy of growth that enhances every stage of life. I also pepper the book with examples of people who have shown Stoicism in their approach to life, sometimes in the most difficult of circumstances. There are many people close by who are very much in touch with their “inner Stoic” and whose lives are truly inspirational.

This text has deliberately avoided a chronological approach to the development of Stoicism from its beginnings. It attempts to locate other people whose lives bear a Wittgenstein “family resemblance’ to Greek and Roman Stoics. They all share an ethical commitment to life and the four principles of Courage, Temperance, Justice and Wisdom.